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Reunited and It Feels So Good!!!

Heeeeeellllllooooo Loves!!!! We are coming at you live and together. After  months of facetiming  and countless phone calls, Teea and I are finally together and face to face . We also have all the kids together. Three kids under 2!!!!... Continue Reading →


Boy Mom!

I am finally a boy mom! I mean I loved being a girl mom ! Being able to match River and do the girly things! Doing hair and buying ALL PINK Everything, but I hear being a boy mom is... Continue Reading →

Snacking While Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding a newborn all over again has made me some type of snacking monster ! I am constantly hungry ! The issue with being hungry all the time is trying to find healthy snacks to eat that is both nutritional... Continue Reading →

Officially Cloth Diapering

I’ve always wanted to cloth diaper river and finally 18 months later and with baby number two on the way we have officially started. We Cloth diaper River part time due to the fact that she goes to daycare and the daycare... Continue Reading →

Moving While Pregnant?!

When I was around 5 months pregnant I moved from Georgia back to New Jersey. And let me tell you that was far from fun. Everything is more tiring and takes longer. Not to mention I was on the third... Continue Reading →

Chumpy in the Papers!!!!!

So I have been trying to get Chumpy around people his age. Our local library has some events that help with new mission. Recently Chumpy and me went to the Groundhog Day Craft Event they hosted . We listened to... Continue Reading →

Anticipating 2 under 2

It wont be long now before I have 2 under 2! There is no way to prepare for this type of change in ones life.  It seems like just last year River was born and that was a life altering... Continue Reading →

Baby Fever??? More Like Baby Noooooo What Is You Doing!!!!

So I am learning that this baby fever thing is a real thing. All my friends seem to have baby fever for me. They keep suggesting that I need another one and I am just convinced that I should not... Continue Reading →

Chillin With the Cool Aunt!!!!

Before I start I must shout out Janay, Shermane and Destiny mys sisters and the 3 who contiually argue over who is the best aunt!!! Now coming from a family of girls we always joked who would get pregnant first... Continue Reading →

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