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Nursery On a Budget

Nursery ( on a budget)  Tour!!! I am so thankful that River has a amazing nursery! Being young and also a SAHM, budget can really be tight at times but with the help of family and friends we were able... Continue Reading →

Your Doing GREAT Mama!

I had a friend tell me the other day " Your doing great mama" and I felt so special hearing that! Like Wow, someone I don't even communicate with everyday noticed my effort to be a great mom. AND then... Continue Reading →

What About Me?

So while I was researching for topics to write about this week, I saw that nothing was quite helping me with how I feel. Lately I have been missing my independence. I feel like I have lost myself. I came... Continue Reading →

Officially Starting to Wean!!!

AND I am excited about it!  After 11 months ( Shes 11 months TODAY)  of exclusively breastfeeding. I finally decided to start the weaning process! Initially, I thought I would BF until for 1 year. And I am thankful to... Continue Reading →

Searching For A Daycare

Now that I am going back to work full-time, and River will be one soon it's time to find a childcare option. I've visited a couple of daycare in my neighborhood but since my city is so small it hard... Continue Reading →

Learning To Co-Parent aka Trying Not to Kill Each Other

While Teea is a stay at home mom, I am a statistic. The single mother. Now that wasn't my plan or even an idea I had for myself at all, but it is my reality. I fell in love with... Continue Reading →

Sorry My Loves!!!!! Please Help Us!!!!

SORRY!!!! SORRY!!!! SORRY!!! We owe you guys an apology!!! We have not been updating as promise because Teea and I have had horrible writer's block. We don't have any fun stories or facts to share . We have just been... Continue Reading →

Bathroom Time is No Longer Mine!!!!!

In the before times, the bathroom used to be a place I could hide. A nice long shower, reading, wine and a bath..... Now I'm lucky to get 3 minutes to pee. Now Chumpy (Davian) comes when I use the... Continue Reading →

Someone Has Teeth!!!!

Man O Man, I used to think Davian biting with gums hurt but my baby had to grow teeth!!! He already thought biting me was funny and now he thinks it's funnier!!! That is until mommy started holding breast milk... Continue Reading →

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