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Chillin With the Cool Aunt!!!!

Before I start I must shout out Janay, Shermane and Destiny mys sisters and the 3 who contiually argue over who is the best aunt!!! Now coming from a family of girls we always joked who would get pregnant first... Continue Reading →


What They Don’t Tell You Post Pregnancy

So the last couple of weeks, I have been talking about being pregnant and what happens after giving birth.  And as I talk about it, I realized there is a lot your not really ready for. I mean even with... Continue Reading →

Bad Mother’s Club!!! Woop Woop!!!!!

So today I was told I was a bad mother because I have not taken Chumpy in for pictures. But I don't see the logic. I take pictures of Chumpy everyday. And who am I sending pictures to anyway?! I... Continue Reading →

It’s OK Not Having my Life Together

The saying that you are your biggest critic, couldn't be more true when it comes to me. I always feel like I have done the wrong things and made the wrong choices. And now that feeling has been intensified after... Continue Reading →

My Picky Eater

So since I am a new mom, I am beginning to think I have entered the stage of a picky eater. When Chumpy first started eating, he would eat everything in front of him. He was eager to try new... Continue Reading →

Our Pumpkin Picking Experience!!

SO while reading through the mail , I came across an article talking about the Blackwood Pumpkin Festival and I thought this would be good to take Chumpy to and he can pick a pumpkin! So I go take off... Continue Reading →

Kid Shows!! A Blessing Or A Curse???

Hey guys I have finally fixed the laptop, so I am back in action. Soooo, while computer- less, I actually had to watch  t.v. with Chumpy . And let me tell you, someone should have told me motherhood is watching... Continue Reading →

Computer Problems

So I  haven't posted because I have been attacked by the blue screen of death courtesy of Chumpy. I have no idea what he pressed or did to my break my  laptop. So it is currently  being fixed and when... Continue Reading →

Adding A Pumpkin to Our Patch

We're Expecting Baby Number 2! Yup That Right River is going to be a big sister to a baby brother.

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