Heeeeeellllllooooo Loves!!!! We are coming at you live and together. After  months of facetiming  and countless phone calls, Teea and I are finally together and face to face . We also have all the kids together. Three kids under 2!!!! Its amazing how we are still the same us from the pre babies days but now we just have twists. These twists include cleaning up toys,taking away dangerous items, stopping fights,listening out for the crying new born,  saving Blue (dog) from unneccesary bullying,tryig to put together toys, giving up putting together said toys, all while juggling a glass of wine or in my (Lynnece) case the bottle of wine. Doesn’t it just sound lovely?

And while all of this goes on, we see the stark differences between boys and girls. Where River cuddles Baby Deuce, Chumpy runs away while shaking his head no. Where River puts the letters up, Chumpy takes them down to throw them. River is vocal, Chumpy not so much. River picks over food Chumpy eats everthing on the plate. And that not even the physical difference with her being small and Chumpy being big. We laugh as I tell her that  Baby Deuce will soon be joining this slightly controlled chaos. But even with all of that it is a house full of love, laughs, and fun. We are truly best friends who became family and wouldn’t have it any other way!!! Comment below if you can relate!