I am finally a boy mom! I mean I loved being a girl mom ! Being able to match River and do the girly things! Doing hair and buying ALL PINK Everything, but I hear being a boy mom is way more fun! From what I hear boys just love their mom unconditionally. They are sweet, loving and adventurous.

Now that is Teea’s perspective! Meanwhile in my house we were just overwhelmed by girls and was excited when we found out Chumpy was indeed a boy.  That is probably why he is so spoiled now.

Having a boy is fun. They are fearless, playful, and into everything. They also just love mommy. The days I come home from work and Chumpy is there with a smile and hug are so worth it . That and he just gets in the mood to give me hugs and kisses. He wants to be outside and play with balls and everything a little boy will do and that is fun when you grew up with mostly sisters.

Having a boy is also disgusting. They like dirt and spitting and farting. They like being dirty and will do some things that you can just not wrap your head around.And that fearlessness will have you having mini heart attacks daily! But at the end of the day it is all worth it.