Breastfeeding a newborn all over again has made me some type of snacking monster ! I am constantly hungry ! The issue with being hungry all the time is trying to find healthy snacks to eat that is both nutritional and delicious! We definitely do not want to gain weight! To curve my ravages appepatie and help you with yours I put together a list of snacks that helps we get through 8-12 feeding a day!


  • Water- Because Water if Life , and you can not make milk without water!
  • Poweraid- For the electrolytes , also help with milk supply.
  • IceTea with Lemon – guilty pleasure


  • pepperoni and ritz crackers
  • chip ahoy cookies
  • fruit
  • granola
  • nuts
  • dark chocolate
  • anything with peanut butter!
  • oatmeal
  • salad


I feel like this list to too small to sustain a breastfeeding mother through the first couple of weeks.

Help a sister out and tell me what you snacked or snacking on while BF a newborn?