I’ve always wanted to cloth diaper river and finally 18 months later and with baby number two on the way we have officially started.

We Cloth diaper River part time due to the fact that she goes to daycare and the daycare does not cloth diaper. Check out our previous posts about the pros and cons of clock diapering. Now that we have officially started cloth diapering I can definitely appreciate all the pros that come along with it.

I love that we are saving the planet and that dolling disposable diapers away just the ones that she comes home with from daycare I also love the fact that the cloth diapers up so it way more than the Dizzle disposable diapers and when I take a cloth diaper off her her area is still clean and clear unlike with regular diapers that sometimes leave residue she has yet to have a diaper rash. They are very easy to clean and I always have diapers on hand. I never have to worry about running out. We mostly use All-In-ones one-size -fit -all . Which is prefect because with baby number two coming we don’t have to go out and buy newborn cloth diapers . They can share! Which brings me to my other love for cloth diapers ! Saving money! I really didn’t realize how much money we were spending on disposable diapers until we started cloth diapers. We would usually buy a big thing of 200+ diapers a month! From amazon , but. Since we are cloth diapering at home now we only need half that a month.

My husband on the other hand hate cloth diapering! He will have nothing to do with it. He wont even look at a cloth diaper. When she is in a cloth diaper he will typical throw it in a trash bag and in the corner of the laundry room until I can get to it.  I told him it will get easier with Deuce since he is exclusively breastfeed and his solid diapers can just be thrown in the washer.

Hopefully he will get on the band wagon soon! What are your experiences with clothe diapering ? Did your spouse support you in your endeavor ?