When I was around 5 months pregnant I moved from Georgia back to New Jersey. And let me tell you that was far from fun. Everything is more tiring and takes longer. Not to mention I was on the third floor. I had really good friends who helped but it is not ideal. I never knew how much stuff I had until I had to fit everything into a truck. Things you can do by yourself is off limits or limited. Not to mention Chumpy made it known he didn’t like it. He would kick non stop and I always had to talk to him. I also wasn’t excited about moving back in with my parents but I knew it was the best decision  for Chumpy . It was also then I realized it wasn’t about me any more. I could go through a range of emotions in one hour . And I hated moving from the previous times I did it but being pregnant just made moving worse. If you had to move while pregnant share your story or if you just have a moving story, comment ! I would love to hear it!