It wont be long now before I have 2 under 2! There is no way to prepare for this type of change in ones life.  It seems like just last year River was born and that was a life altering experience and already we are adding another human to the mix.

A lot of people say this is the way to have kids! Back -to-Back and I can appreciate their opinions. The swing is still up, haven’t given away much of river out grown clothes, and bottles are still in the cabinet! So were not completely starting over.

BUT I Just started sleeping through the night! For real! and River is still nursing to sleep! And now I have cluster feedings, night time changes, and zombie-mommy days to look forward to. In addition to those things , who knows what things River are going  to go through.  I am so not looking forward to her 18 month sleep regression while having a new born or her terrible tantrums!

I guess its the circle of life.  Although, I scared my life is going to be taken over by now two little tiny humans ( one who behaves just like me) , I am super excited too! I can’t wait to meet my son and welcome him to out family! It almost feel like he was the missing piece and now we are getting to complete our puzzle.

March cant come soon enough!