Before I start I must shout out Janay, Shermane and Destiny mys sisters and the 3 who contiually argue over who is the best aunt!!! Now coming from a family of girls we always joked who would get pregnant first and low and behold, it had to be me (can you hear the sarcasm). So Chumpy has 3 aunts who all love to spoil him. Aunt Janay feeds him all the time. Aunt Destiny lets him color and paint and Aunt Shermane he loves to hate. But in all he is never lacking love. And once he is potty trained I pretty sure he will be kidnapped away by all these women and not mention it to me at all. They already have inputs and suggestions to all the things he needs and must  have. I have to watch them or they go overboard. Seriously my sisters are crazy from the we need matching outfits (Shermane), he needs drums (Janay), and the keyboard (Destiny), I am pretty sure they are trying to kill me when they give him back. Comment and share your stories of how siblings have run interference in raising kids LOL!!!!