So the last couple of weeks, I have been talking about being pregnant and what happens after giving birth.  And as I talk about it, I realized there is a lot your not really ready for. I mean even with all the reading and prepping, I did not expect a lot  of what happened.  You are expecting to be tire and change schedules but what they don’t discuss is how you- the mother feels. Everything is about the baby but you change to.After birth you are still in pain from a contracting uterus. Not to mention the time using the bathroom sucks.  Also there is the postpartum depression test. That test always had me questioning my sanity. What is too much crying? Is wishing the baby would sleep more than 2 hours a bad thing? Am I depressed and don’t know it? Those first few weeks are hard and I don’t think there is truly anything out there that prepares you for it truly. I just think its something you take in stride. Having support helps. That is the biggest thing I would stress. Little things like someone getting you a glass of water, doing a load of laundry , or just letting you get some sleep goes a long way to making things better. Comment below if you have any advice or stories to share. We love hearing from you!