So since I am a new mom, I am beginning to think I have entered the stage of a picky eater. When Chumpy first started eating, he would eat everything in front of him. He was eager to try new things. Boy has that changed. Now someone like to pick over food or wants to skip meals all together. But best believe he knows all the junk food to eat thanks to his Pops (grandfather). He is all down for cookies and and candy but wants to pick over chicken and green beans. Or my favorite is he will eat it with Mimi (grandma) but won’t eat it with me. And the ironic part is I am a picky eater. SO how can I really be mad when I do the same thing. O the joys of being a mother!!! I guess I better buck up and be ready for the new challenges at meal time because someone is learning to show what he prefers!!!! If you have any suggestions on ways to help this new problem, please be sure to comment!! I need all the help I can get!