SO while reading through the mail , I came across an article talking about the Blackwood Pumpkin Festival and I thought this would be good to take Chumpy to and he can pick a pumpkin! So I go take off work and set the whole Sunday up. So here we are- my mom, Chumpy and me at the festival. Now me and my mom are not crowd people but we were trying to make it work . First event pick a pumpkin. What does Chumpy do , refuse to pick the pumpkin and starts crying. Mommy picks a random pumpkin and decides maybe the petting zoo will work out better. WRONG! He calls all the animals bad butts and pets a little boy and hits a little girl. My mom and I hightailed it out of the festival when he attempted to pull down the decorations of a spider. I just hope next year will go better because if not I am saving my money and working that day!!!!