Hey guys I have finally fixed the laptop, so I am back in action. Soooo, while computer- less, I actually had to watch  t.v. with Chumpy . And let me tell you, someone should have told me motherhood is watching the same show a million times for the next couple of years. I am so sick of Paw Patrol and Sesame Street that I don’t know what to do. AND that is all we watch.  THERE IS NO IN BETWEEN OR NEW SHOWS!!! While I give Youtube a big shout out for their kid version, it is a curse how the  clips never stop and now I can hear Elmo in my sleep. It’s like mind control and when I try to watch something else someone acts like I am literally killing him. I didn’t think it would be so bad, but I have definitely apologized to my mom for The Lion King and Barney at this point because I know her pain.  But to end on a positive note at least I can sometimes take a shower without some one busting down the door, so there is that.