Now I know everyone has heard about terrible 2’s , but no one mentioned the monstrous 1’s. This little boy lives up to the title. He is in everything and everywhere in seconds. I didn’t know a 1 year old could curse me out and he doesn’t even use words! He bites and tries to hit when he is told no. And he gets big mad when you take away what can kill him. I thought I was scared when I first had him but keeping him alive is even more challenging.  He is like a little gremlin, just like in the movie. In fact that could be a new nickname!  But he is my little gremlin and I love him! But to all of those going through monstrous 1’s here sre some tips.

  • Go Outside– Let them run out all the energy they get.  Something about about nice fresh air does wonders.
  • Find a show– Elmo and Paw Patrol may drive me insane but it gets him to sit still for a while and that in itself is lovely.
  • Go for walks – You get exercise and the little one gets to push the stroller ,everyone wins! 
  • Play Dates– You can socialize and tire the little one out. 
  • Bath Time – Baths tire them out so quickly its like magic!

I hope this helps! And please feel free to comment with more suggestions! I know we can all use the help!