Nursery ( on a budget)  Tour!!!

I am so thankful that River has a amazing nursery! Being young and also a SAHM, budget can really be tight at times but with the help of family and friends we were able to  create a nursery prefect and a little girl named River Rose.

My Dad and Mike painted. Mike actually picked out the colors from Homedepot. I want a more modern classic white and rose gold nursery to begin with but Mike saw these colors and had to get them! Plus the rest of our house is white with the exception of the master bedroom that has shades of grey!


River’s Book shelf was a Goodwill find!! River grandmother taught me how to decorate on a budget and to never pay full price for anything! It took me some time to find a book shelf but I love this one and it was only 8 bucks!

Rivers Toy chest also was a goodwill find! It was actualnurs-1ly the first thing I purchase for River when I was still pregnant! I planed on painting it over it but never got around to doing it. However, it still looks good and was only 5$. It’s currently filled with Free diapers !!

River’s Dresser was a dumpster dive find! I didn’t actually dive in a dumpster! One day we and River was walking Blue and we saw this perfectly good dresser being set out to go to the trash so we knocked on the door and ask the neighbors if they mind us pick it up! Of course they said no and now it here! It need a little TLC ( new paint , hardware tighten ) but it work fine! And looks good!

River’s Wooden Wall Letters came from Walmart, we just spray painted them white too match the furniture. Chalk board also came from Walmart!!  I think it adds a nice touch to the room! In total I think I spent $10 at Walmart) I also go picture frames, chalk , fabric and glue)

River’s art was either hand made or from the dollar tree!!! River flowers are so from the dollar tree

River tee-pee was a DIY project !! Who had 150$ or more to spend on a tee-pee ?!? Not me! The fabric and string  is from Walmart ($5)

The stick are from lowes ! I got 2 8 feet stick cut in half for ($4). Lowes will cut your material for free ! And than I got glued ( which was probably a horrible idea) to the stick !!

Wall Art and a tee-pee for less than your lunch! And it just hold out diapers and wipe stash so it didn’t have to be anything tooo fancy! nurs2

I am really glad with how her Room turned out and even though she will never get the chance to use it! I happy to say my daughter has a dope-ass , in-expensive room she can call her own!!

What are your nursery dreams?!! Problems? DIY stories?! Comment below cause I want to know !