I had a friend tell me the other day ” Your doing great mama” and I felt so special hearing that! Like Wow, someone I don’t even communicate with everyday noticed my effort to be a great mom. AND then I thought ” How many of you get to hear that your doing great?” Well I am to tell ya that YOU ARE Doing GREAT!

I know it difficult, No one could ever prepared us for what it take to be a Great Mom! No Blog, Mama Vlogger, or Instagram post  could ever teach us this stuff! I mean could anyone ever tell you how to cope with cluster feeding a newborn ( or in my case a 10 month old) all night than waking up to clean the house, fixing breakfast and try to teach the child something about letters, numbers, and animals without an outrageous amount of caffeine?   No, but your figuring it out and your doing it!

Kuddos to you! You deserve a round of applause and a day at the spa and even though we may get spit up and dangerously dirty diapers instead Its okay! There’s no place we’ll rather be!

Keep up the great mama. It’s appreciated and noticed.