AND I am excited about it!  After 11 months ( Shes 11 months TODAY)  of exclusively breastfeeding. I finally decided to start the weaning process!

Initially, I thought I would BF until for 1 year. And I am thankful to have it thus far, but it has been stressful at time, and I haven’t spent a night away from LO for almost a year so i think its time to start weaning.

I am not going to wean completely i still want her to get all the benefits of breast feeding especially with the germs that day can brings so we are just reducing feedings to late afternoon and night feedings. I feel completely comfortable with this method because i am still being able to bond with her and have our special time but she will also be gaining independence and learning that she need mommy for everything. I think its a WIN-WIN

So far we have eliminated the morning feeding.  She wake up and eat a regular breakfast with the family. Her first feeding for the day is between eleven and noon.  She then has a lunch meal and other feeding between three and four.  Than the rest of the night is a free feed and she tends to cluster feed( we need to work on that) but the point is that weaning is going well.