Now that I am going back to work full-time, and River will be one soon it’s time to find a childcare option. I’ve visited a couple of daycare in my neighborhood but since my city is so small it hard to find daycare with open spots in the infant room. Thank God she’s walk now and can go into the waddles room which is easier to find spots. Its super important to trust the place where your child will be spending a generous amount of their day  and it not always easier to know what to look for… because come on they are all sweet and clean during the visit. so here are some things I look for when looking for a day care.

Rule 1: Trust Your Intuition-If something feels off, then most likely something is and you will not be able to contract throughout the day with that feeling in you gut.

Rule 2:  Schedule a Visit- Always go to the place before you decide if your going to place your child in their care. Talk to the staff, and any parent coming in or out.

Rule 3: Stop by unannounced – Staff seems to be always prepared when they know a prospective client is coming by so stop by unannounced , say your just wanting to confirm your decisions. if they don’t let you visit , you may want to rethink that place.

Rule 4: Check security measures- Do they have cameras, alarms system, can you walk right in or is their a bell to ring?

Rule 5: Ask about curriculum? What will your child be learning? Your child will be there maybe 8 or more hours ! this is the perfect time to teach time about animals, number =, letters. You don’t want them learning nothing!

Rule 6: Ask about the staff turn around. Is your child going to see a new face every week or are teachers going to be constant and invested the the facility and your child.

Rule 7: Lastly, Make sure the facility works for you and with you. If they don’t see you as a valuable costumer ? Than how are they going to see and treat your child? Make sure your at a place where you feel like family and they will teach your child as such.