While Teea is a stay at home mom, I am a statistic. The single mother. Now that wasn’t my plan or even an idea I had for myself at all, but it is my reality. I fell in love with Davian’s father and some part of me is still in love with him, but he left me and while I was willing to do the long distance thing when I  became pregnant, he changed. I had to start making decisions without him, and while that hurts I don’t want to become the bitter baby mother using my kid for petty revenge tactics. SOoI am trying to co-parent and it not easy.

My main thing is I would like my son to know his father. I am not a man and while I will do everything in my power to help him accomplish every dream and provide for him, I know there are things that only his father can teach him. Its just I now have to trust a man who broke my trust with Davian . I’m not saying he is a bad father, I have seen him with his other children and he loves them with everything he has to give,  but its little things that he missed and things he gets to do that I am mad that I don’t. That causes issues, because where he feels he is doing everything he can for his son, I feel he should be doing more. And that is where  co-parenting is hard for me. Because I think sometimes I lash out when he feels he is doing his best and we have our disputes and feelings get hurt .  Davian deserves both his parents, so co-parenting is the way to go. So below are a few tips I have for those who have to co- parent.

  • Communicate. Your  pretty much stuck with the person until you die. YOu have to be able to talk for the child’s sake.
  • Don’t talk negative about the mother or father around the child. A baby doesn’t know the issues you and its other parent has. They don’t need to hear the negative thoughts you harbor. They should be able to make decisions on their own.
  • Always let the child see the other parent. I will never tell Davian he can’t see his father. If he wants to I will find a way. Its not fair to the child or other parent . Everyone should be able to see their parents.

I’m sure I can add to this list as time goes on but right now these are my main 3 tips. That I try to follow, If you have any more please comment below. I am more than open to learning healthy co-parenting tips.