Sooooooo the time came for my time away from the baby!!!  I was too lit!!! All I could think was I get to sleep through the night!!! I could even enjoy some wine and watch something other than Octonauts!!!! Boy was I wrong!!!! First when my parents took him, I was ready to cry. Then it took forever to go back to sleep. And then I missed waking up to his smile and getting ready for work. When I get home my boobs were on the verge to exploding and there was no smile waiting for me. I had no idea what i was supposed to do!!!! It was then I realized Davian was my whole world and I was ok with that. He has made me less selfish and besides he looks at me like I’m the best thing in the whole world. So no i have no idea how i can send my baby anywhere without me. Right now he cant go more than 2 days before mommy misses him and is planning ways to get my baby back!!!! So okease share any advice on how you cope or activities you get to do when the children are away and mommy can play!!!!