In the spirit of Women’s History Month  and the fact that I have started applying to jobs again.  I wanted to ask the age old question can women really have it all?
Is it possible for women to be a great mom and be great in her career? I was watching a show the other day and the woman said that it’s impossible for women to actually have it all she found it impossible to be a great mom  or have a great career.
The next day while watching Being Mary Jane, Kara gave a great speech about how having babies and raising babies are two very different things! She fought with the battle of  being the bread winner and still having enough time to make homemaid brownies! And the bread winner won!
Both these women along with other say it virtually  impossible to have the great career and be a great wife, mom, housemate! And as of right now I totally agree.
Millennial’s are choosing to have great careers instead of starting families these days. For instance, I,  in the prime of my career taking off,  just getting my Masters, and  working at my dream job stopped everything cold turkey to be a stay at home mom. I never had an issue being good housewife keeping the house clean keeping dinner on the table, but I felt like I would have a totally slacked on my mother duties and my wifely duties if I continue my career.
With that being said I am hoping to get back into the field soon! Now that baby girl is past the six-month mark, but how do I do that when people when women think it’s in possible actually be great at both. Who do I look up to? I don’t know if it’s possible to have both, I feel like  if you’re great at your job putting all the extra hours, attending all the extra events, building really good relationships than your going to lack the time to be at home cleaning, cooking and interacting with the ones you love. And if you strive to be the best housewife or mom than  whatever your job duties  are will slack because you’re only going to go there 9-to-5, coming late and leaving  early somedays just  so you can have dinner on the  table, house clean, and  baby change, fed and bathe before you have to wake up and do it all over again.  So how do you get both?
Your definitely going to need help! That’s the first step. From there just have to take it a day at a time. But I think I’m going to start a series on how I am doing to do it : Becoming Wonder Woman. I’m going to aim to be the best mom out there and still be the ambitious career driven woman that I was before I got pregnant.
What are some of the way your balance work life and family life?