Last week we started swimming classes at our local YMCA. I think with the weather getting warmer this is a great way to get out of the house and learn something new and explore different activities besides the StoryTime, Baby Play Date, and The Park  that we usually do.

 Swimming classes are also really suitable for Mommy. The Y is only  10 minutes away from the house and because we attend the afternoon class it really convenient to get stuff done during the day.
River Swimming 2
On Rivers first day of swimming classes we jumped right into lessons and getting her adjusted to the water, which was super cold at 84°. The pool is heated, however   84° is pretty cold when our body temperature is around 98 degrees. We both got accustomed  after a couple moments. Than she was natural in the water.
By the end of class being in the water was a breeze, she was splashing  and swimming and just having a ball. Throughout the month we will continue to learn pool safely, how to float and how to hold our breaths. She should be ready for a cruise in no time. =)