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March 2017

Someone Has Teeth!!!!

Man O Man, I used to think Davian biting with gums hurt but my baby had to grow teeth!!! He already thought biting me was funny and now he thinks it's funnier!!! That is until mommy started holding breast milk... Continue Reading →


Davian’s Weekend Away

Sooooooo the time came for my time away from the baby!!!  I was too lit!!! All I could think was I get to sleep through the night!!! I could even enjoy some wine and watch something other than Octonauts!!!! Boy... Continue Reading →

Super-business women or Supermom?

In the spirit of Women's History Month  and the fact that I have started applying to jobs again.  I wanted to ask the age old question can women really have it all? Is it possible for women to be a... Continue Reading →

First Swimming Lessons !

Last week we started swimming classes at our local YMCA. I think with the weather getting warmer this is a great way to get out of the house and learn something new and explore different activities besides the StoryTime, Baby Play... Continue Reading →

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