As a stay home mom I know it’s hard to find opportunities to get you and¬†the baby out of the house. Most of my out of the house time is spent at the grocery store or at doctors appointments. So for the last six months I have been waiting and searching for ways to get River and I out and about.¬†

I found that a lot of opportunities have age requirements, but  some in my local area will except infant. 

For about the past month River and I have been attending StoryTime and Baby Play Sate at a local library. We absolutely love story time and baby play dates. River is now crawling so she gets to crawl after the big kids and she loves interacting with other people/babies she also really enjoys hearing the stories being told too. 

¬†I also enjoyed the stories being told as well, but most importantly I enjoy seeing River interact with other people/babies. She does not go to daycare so it’s really important that she gets that interaction in some form.¬†

I also enjoyed being out of the house and getting some sunlight, soaking up vitamin D. We all know how draining it can be to be in the house all day with the infant. I also enjoy interacting with the other moms, and learning about their mom life experiences. Turns out most moms have similar issues. 


In addition to Story Time and Baby Play Date, we are starting swimming classes in March at our local YMCA. I am super stoked about swimming classes. it’s¬† been one of the things I’ve been waiting to do with her since before she was born.¬†Swimming classes are for babies 6 months and older and it’s parent-assistant,¬† so I will have to get in the water with her.¬† I am so excited to see her reaction for the first time.¬†

In addicting to those things we hear about a local gym that’s has open free play 1 days out of the week. I think we will start to go there after swim classes are over because I do not want to exhaust her out or become one of those mom with the color coordinated days( there is nothing wrong with those moms , I am just not there YET) .¬†

We are also planning on going on hikes with the local hike it baby group and scheduling some play dates at the park  once the weather gets a little bit warmer. 

We have a lot adventures in store and I cannot wait to experience all these first with Little River I am so excited for what the spring and summer  has in store for us! We hope you come along with us!

What are some of the things you do/did with your little ones to get out of the house?