So a week after my birthday, I got to experience the fear that comes with a sick baby. Sunday morning I wake up in the dead of night knowing something is wrong with my baby. I give him some fever reducer and go back to sleep hoping it will work now that I  have woke him up. Fast forward to 8 a.m. and I’m rushing him to an urgent care because his fever is still high. While he is slowly getting  better, having a sick baby is no fun. I went 24 hours without sleep! He was crying , I was crying and your heart breaks because there is little you can do.Davian is only 7 months so beside a small dose of a fever reducer and saline drops there is not much you can do. But here are some tips that helped me:

  1. Try to stay calm. You don’t act accordingly when your panicking.
  2. Keep the baby as comfortable as possible. They are already stressed and not feeling good putting them in their favorite pjs help.
  3. Prepare for cuddle time. You kno w how you want your mom when your sick, you are mom and someone is going to want you as muchnas possible because you make the workd better!
  4. Follow the advice of the doctor. It will help for a speedy recovery!
  5. Ask for a doctor’s note. It will be handy if you have to call out from work!
  6. Ask your mom for advice. She got you through sickness and boy did my mom come through as the GOAT!!!!!

Please comment below any tips that can help or that you have picked up!