We just celebrated six-month accomplishment of breast-feeding!  YAY. My goal was always to breast-feed to at least six months and I am so glad and thankful that I was able to. Any breast-feeding mama knows breast-feeding is not easy!  Now with me trying to go back to work full-time, its become the only thing in my way, so I’m considering weaning.

AND before the breastfeeding police beat me up hear me out!

 If you read previous post you already know this. For those that are new, here it reason number ONE for weaning at 6 months.My darling daughter does not take a bottle!  She prefers her milk fresh and from the tap. Juice and water she will take from a bottle or sippy cup ( in small quantities) but not her mommies milk. This makes it incredible hard and next to impossible to be away from her for more than a couple hours. Which means I can only work a part-time job.

Second reason for weaning my daughter at 6 month is Mommy needs Sleep! My lovey child does not and will not sleep through the night. She constantly wakes up to three, four times a night to feed. This was never a problem for me when she was younger because they HAVE to feed every 4-6 hours to prevent low blood sugar. However, now its not a health reason to support it and out of hand.

My Third and final reason to wean River is I’m still not fully functional when you’re breast-feeding you still have a ton hormones racing through your body that help you produce milk. They also mess with my ability to remember and concentrate. I would love to be able to have an adult conversation without getting distracted!  

no that’s not the problem I can’t always exclusively pump but that’s another battle in itself. 

Now my reason for not weaning…..just yet

First and foremost breast milk provides the best nutrition for my daughter. I want her to be as healthy as possible, and At six months so she has not been sick or had a real cold. She is as healthy as can be and I contribute all of that to the power of breast milk

Secondly, The bond that I built with my daughter is indescribable. I know all her clues and signals. She never cries with me (unless she being a brat), because I can always meet her needs before the water works start. 

Thirdly, hate hearing  and my daughter cry. Especially crying from hungry which is something that I can easily fix. 

Fourth, Formula is expensive ! 

And lastly, I’m too lazy and waking up after warm a bottle or get formula ready or prepared it’s just too much work and it’s so much easier to just slip the shirt to the side and slip out the baby calmer ! 

SO yes there is considerably more cons to weaning than pros… but what do you guys think about weaning at 6 months