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February 2017

What Do You Read to a 6 Month Old?

Some may find it hard or redundant to read to a infant daily, but our family absolutely loves reading! We are a reading family. We read when we are sad, mad, happy, bored , just about all the time. A... Continue Reading →


A Sick Infant 

So a week after my birthday, I got to experience the fear that comes with a sick baby. Sunday morning I wake up in the dead of night knowing something is wrong with my baby. I give him some fever... Continue Reading →

Baby Play Date

As a stay home mom I know it's hard to find opportunities to get you and the baby out of the house. Most of my out of the house time is spent at the grocery store or at doctors appointments. So... Continue Reading →

Why I named my daughter River Rose 🌹

I often get asked why in the world did I name my daughter RIVER. So I am going write this responds and direct those "haters" and "lovers" of her name to this blog. =) River is define as:  Abbr. R. A large... Continue Reading →

Pros and Cons to Weaning

We just celebrated six-month accomplishment of breast-feeding!  YAY. My goal was always to breast-feed to at least six months and I am so glad and thankful that I was able to. Any breast-feeding mama knows breast-feeding is not easy!  Now... Continue Reading →

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