We DID It!  Made it to 6 months EBF!  Boy was it hard!

I mean between late night feedings and having to constantly to present for day time feeding. I got nothing accomplished in the last 6 months, but it was all worth the bond I built with my daughter.

However! I will never ever do this again! I listen to the nurses. I read the books, and  I downloaded all the apps! I did everything right ! too right ! She has not nipple confusion! she has a nipple preference. And now that I am starting to get back to being myself, it hard!  She wont take a bottle and at 6 months she still wake up every few hours to nurse.

Next time  will introduce a bottle a lot sooner and not worry to much about nipple confusion! Sorry future child! Your big sister has ruin things for you.

I am currently packing up and boycotting all bottles! We are moving straight into trainer sippy cups! I hope to have a pro sippy cupper by March!  I am treating to wean.