Social media would have you thinking  being a Momma Blogger is the most glamorous job. You get to be a stay at home mom. funds are no big issue and  you  get walk around in  high heels with expensive strollers and leather diaper bags ! Momma Bloggers have life all figured out.

But.. Blogging is a full-time job in addition to the full-time job it is being a mother. I spend some of my day researching what it takes to run a successful blog, while fighting my 6 month old for the computer  in between breastfeeding! whew! Lets not even mention the house work and dinner that need to be cooked!

Blogging is really a labor of love, a venue to vent,  and a source to document all life simple moments that may fly by otherwise. However,  when hit the lottery. I am  so ready to be a Glamour Mama Blogger ! =)