One of my New Year intentions was to do a better job taking care of my hair. It’s not easy being natural it also not easy being a mother the two together is almost impossible!

I started my natural hair journal about 25 year ago! Yes, I’ve been natural all my life even before it was cool! I am from New York where it is pretty easy to be natural. all  you have to do it get a Dominican Blowout every 2 weeks with a deep condition and your ends clipped quarterly ! Done!

It’s not so easy in the south to be natural ! Heat and Humidity it one thing , but if your like me and doesn’t like spending a full day washing, combing and braiding your hair than it’s impossible to have any other hair style than a wash-and-go bun! Not to mention that unlike New York where you can find a Dominican hair salon on every corner. There are no Dominicans in the low country !!

So for my first few years living in the low country and would wear a bun or have my very talented cousin corn braid my hair( I have only wore weave 3 times in my entire life Prom( distasteful) Random Week ( painful) Europe ( not to bad) . So the corn braid weren’t those cute ones we see Khole Kardashin Wearing.

I look like a boy!

So since becoming a mom I am determined to look more motherly! For my sanity and go feel as if actually take time out of the day to do something for.

So far I’ve gotten no where ! A lot of my hair has fallen out and it so brittle. I know I can blame it on the pregnancy hormones leaving my body but let’s be honest . I’ve never been really good at taken care of my own hair!

So this is where I start! Please take this journey with me and like me know what works , what doesn’t work , best products to try!  I’m open to anything!!