I had to actual wrap gifts this year!!!! And now this horror story has to go on for a few years!!!! My wrapping sucks!!!! Her I was struggling getting the wrapping paper long enough or big enough to cover the gifts for Davian. Then trying to cut straight not to mention tape everywhere!!!! At one point one gift had a hole that I just stuck a scrap of wrapping paper in!!!! By gift 5 I just literally balled up the side and stuck tape on it!!!! So this horror show will just continue until 3 things happen: 

1. My great mother just does all the wrapping. Hint hint mother!!!

2. I am blessed with the skill and patience to become a wrapping god.

3.I just pay for that gift cover sheet I saw at Toy “R”Us. Or pay someone to do it for me!!!

So do you struggle with wrapping gifts? Let me know your opinions for making it better because I surely need it before someone’s 1st birthday !!!!!!!!