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January 2017

She Hates It….

I personally never drive over 45 minutes alone with the baby. She hates the car seat and unless we leave during a nap time it's impossible to get any where .  Last week after we got back from New York.... Continue Reading →


6 Month Accomplishment!

We DID It!  Made it to 6 months EBF!  Boy was it hard! I mean between late night feedings and having to constantly to present for day time feeding. I got nothing accomplished in the last 6 months, but it... Continue Reading →

Glam-Life of a Momma Blogger

Social media would have you thinking  being a Momma Blogger is the most glamorous job. You get to be a stay at home mom. funds are no big issue and  you  get walk around in  high heels with expensive strollers... Continue Reading →

Things I Can Do With One Hand

I am wondering if "things I can accomplish with one hand" is a skill you can put on your resume!!!!! Here is a list of things I can!!!! But please comment your new one handed skills too!!!! Eating Washing clothes... Continue Reading →

Johnson & Johnson

So being a first time mom when I first started using products I wanted to use names that I know and other moms used. This was the case when my mom purchased the Johnson & Johnson baby bath set. After using... Continue Reading →

Returning Back To Work

After nearly 6 months of being a Stay-At-Home-Mom I started a part time position. I am so excited to get out of the house even its for a short amount of time. I have a great time at my job... Continue Reading →

Know Your Breastfeeding Rights!

BREASTFEEDING IN PUBLIC LEGAL? With a new president we have to caught up on understanding our right and how they may change. Breastfeeding in public is legal and protected by federal law. Most states gives women the right to nurse in... Continue Reading →

Day… Whatever He’s Still Alive!!!

Every once in a while my dad will ask can I believe Davian is now 6 months old. I always respond yeah I can because a baby is not something your likely to forget. The only thing is with him... Continue Reading →

The 1st Snow

So I knew winters coming home were going to suck!!! It's cold and snow is always a possibility . But since it is Davian's first I decided to brace the outdoors today!!! Needless to say, he takes after his parents... Continue Reading →

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