Sooooo I have finally reached the stage where Davian can eat food. I didn’t know it would be a horror show. He gets to try things I don’t like and it messy. He wants to put his hands in it, feed himself and spit it out!!! Yet here mommy is trying not to gag or throw up!!!! I even freaked out when he touched me with bananas on his hands!!! I hate bananas!!! But while all of that happens it’s kind of fun seeing what he likes and dislikes. So far bananas are his favorite (sigh…more moments for me trying not to gag or throw the baby  with banana hands away!) and he hates squash.

So here are just a few things I have picked up for the first days feeding your little bundle of sunshine:

1. A BIB. This is a must unless you like changing outfits multiple times a day!

2. A burp cloth. It gets messy. This is back up for the bib. You will see why you need backup!

3. Wipes. The food is sticky and you will need to clean faces and hands and even surfaces.

4. A water/juice/milk bottle. This comes in handy when the meal is finished or if your baby is like my baby and took more than he can handle and chokes. It so you don’t panic if it happens.

Those are just some tips I have picked up along the way! Share your babies favorite foods and fun feeding stories in the comments!!!!