My mother is the reason I looked into starting a blog . She said it would be a good idea and give me something to do in my spare time when I’m not working. She also thought that if it took off it could help a lot of moms in my situation. When I made the decision to start I asked her what I should name it and she suggested Chumpy and Me. This name comes from a nickname for Davian. When I first told my family I was pregnant, Teea was with me. I think she kind of planned it because she had us spending the day together . It was a day full of tears and I was told to come home. But before I came home my little sister Shermane had started calling the little bundle,  Baby Chump. I HATED that name!!! My baby was not a chump and while I had a few interesting nicknames for him at the time ( fetus, it, the baby… in my defense I was still in shock that I was pregnant) baby chump was unacceptable.

I  knew he would be more than a chump. He was special and that name was just uncalled for I was pushing for King as a nickname because that was eventually what I was calling him. I LOST!!! Fast forward to July 17 and Davian gets here and now Baby Chumps has been shorten to Chumpy because my family did not approve of his name I had chosen. Davian means “bringer of hope” and to me that is what he is . He is the  hope I will get my life together, hope that he will be with me when I accomplish my dreams, hope that I will be a good mother. But my family doesn’t see it that way. To them Davian is a reminder of his father; a man they don’t like,so Chumpy is what they call him . While at first I was against the name it has unfortunately grown on me and now I find myself calling him that. And now it really is Chumpy’N’Me .I asked Teea to join in because we are best friends who had our babies 10 days apart. She has her Chumpy and I have mine.So now you get to join in on the adventures of Chumpy and me!