So I know I have read things that are against kids watching too much t.v.  But I have to say t.v. has saved my life!!! Even before I let Davian watch t.v. he was hearing what I  liked to watch when he was up kicking. So I have no problem with letting him watch t.v. for a couple of hours. Me and Teea both let our kids watch tv.  Even though Teea was on the fence about it, we  can agree that tv is amazing. River enjoys Paw Patrol and Davian enjoys The Cat In the Hat Knows A Lot About That and Octonauts. I  started letting Davian watch tv around his 2 month mark.  He was beginning to pay attention to colors and objects moving and I needed something that would give me a few minutes to pee! I started with Little  Einsteins  but he didn’t really show any interest. So I begin strolling through the kid section of Netflix and saw The Cat in the Hat. I had been reading Dr. Suess books to him because they were my favorite child hood books.Low and behold we had a winner. He sat and watched for a whole hour . I got laundry done and was able to eat. IT WAS AMAZING!!!

From that day I decided to incorporate tv into our routine. So now Davian gets a few hour of tv while mommy gets some chores done. Now I am the first to admit that I watched kid shows before Davian so it not to difficult to watch and play with him sometimes but some of the shows are torture.Finding a good show takes some guess and check. I always try to find something that will be fun and teachable. I figure this will be a good start for teaching him to read and write in the future. So I do have a few guidelines when picking shows.

  1. Educational. Shows that encourage reading, writing, mathematics, and exploration of the world are what I tend to look for.
  2. Multiple Episodes/Seasons. If they like the show chances are y ou will be watching it a lot. Many of these shows repeat and you will have jingles and songs stuck in your head all day from watching and re-watching..
  3. Smiles / Cooing. Many of the shows I chose get a reaction from Davian. He laughs, coos, and smiles at the tv. If a show can do that I definitely let him watch. It gives insight to what he might like or what he will want o do . I rather find his interest young so I can encourage and mold them now while he is having fun.

While there will a;ways be debates over tv, I think its best just to do what works for you. Your routines are just that yours and no one can walk in your shoes or know what you are going through . Tv can be the bond in your relationship with your child. I still watch tv with my parents even though we have different opinions, It is a bond that you don’t even realize and its fun. So with that said Happy Watching (even if you are being driven crazy by songs and reruns)!!!!!!!!!!!!!