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December 2016

Eating: The Untold Horror Story

Sooooo I have finally reached the stage where Davian can eat food. I didn't know it would be a horror show. He gets to try things I don't like and it messy. He wants to put his hands in it,... Continue Reading →


Road Trip with Baby!!

So this pass week me and my fiance decided it would be a good idea to take a trip to New York. For any other person this would be cool; they would just book a flight and be  there in... Continue Reading →

Chumpy and Me… The Story Behind the Name

My mother is the reason I looked into starting a blog . She said it would be a good idea and give me something to do in my spare time when I'm not working. She also thought that if it... Continue Reading →

Our Kids Watch TV!

So I know I have read things that are against kids watching too much t.v.  But I have to say t.v. has saved my life!!! Even before I let Davian watch t.v. he was hearing what I  liked to watch... Continue Reading →

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