Did that catch your attention? This is the threat I face everyday! I knew when I moved home pregnant my family was going to go crazy over a new baby that was technically the first they get to see from birth. And boy did they just run with it. When I saw this viral video, I could relate. My mom does this daily!!

My mother aka Mimi (she looks too young to be grandma) has stolen my baby and he is just the little traitor. The baby I literally spent all day giving birth has just left me for Mimi. As soon as she comes home from work Davian no longer wants any parts of me unless its time to eat. He screams and cries and becomes a red faced demon for mommy but Mimi get all smiles and laughter and cooing. He will literally scream in my arms but as soon as she gets him he smiles at me as she carries him away. I just sit and look at him in shock. As she picks him and he smiles at her she always says” do you need me to call the services on the amateur”. That is her name for me because she is the baby expert since she has had six kids and this is my first baby.

Then there is grandpa aka Pops and Auntie Shermane the self proclaimed baby whisperer. These two people just know everything but Davian always cries with them because quote “you spoil him” unquote. To them I hold him too much and he is growing up with a complex and when I leave they are going to do a whole bunch of things that I disapprove of.  They don’t believe that it is their nervous energy and the fact that they want him to do things that he is too little to do . I spend most of my time ignoring them but of course they threaten to call the services too.

And then there are the last 2 people who are in the house. Auntie Destiny and Uncle Sherman. Uncle Sherman went from ignoring the baby to loving him. He wants him to learn SAT words and be a supreme athlete. They have this super dope bond. Uncle Sherman raps to him and rocks him with one hand and Davian is always cheesing with him. Aunt Destiny on the hand loves him but knows nothing. Her being the baby sister is really showing. She doesn’t know how to change diapers, she had to learn how to hold him. Basically I would never leave Aunt Destiny alone with him for more than a  bathroom break. She would be overwhelmed. But she does get him to smile and when she is with him, he has her full attention. And he loves her. Their connection is too cute because she freaks out  but she’s learning.

Family will always give their advice, opinions, and anything else they think you will need. Even if you don’t want it. It all comes out of love. They want the best for you and their new loved one. Take it all in stride and be happy people love you that much!  All in all I love my crazy family!! On most days anyway! And Davian gets to experience the full on crazy that made it possible for him to be here.