So if you don’t know me and Teea both breast feed, a easy decision when trying to save money after looking at baby accessories prices and having a melt down in Babies “R” Us ( yes I did have a meltdown while she consoled me). Also I knew my mother would definitely push it since she breastfed six kids. I was cool with this idea because breastfeeding is natural, its better for the baby, I would lose the baby weight quicker and I wouldn’t have to buy formula. All in all I would come out winning! Boy was I right and wrong at the same time.

My first time breastfeeding hurt! My nipple cracked and I had a baby who wouldn’t latch. All my positive thoughts of breastfeeding came to a serious standstill the first month really. I probably would have lost it without my mom. Day 2 of being home with baby she had to call out of work to console me and Davian. Davian didn’t make it easy either. He wouldn’t latch just screamed because he was hungry. I was stressed and panicked that I wouldn’t be able to feed my baby. That was the beginning of pumping . I had to pump to make the milk come in and also so I could bottle feed Davian. That worked for us and after a few weeks, he was latching on making breastfeeding much easier.

The thing with breast feeding though is that you sometimes feel like a cow. At one point Teea and I both felt that way. My sisters kept saying it and her fiancé kept making “moo” sounds at her.  I think it bothered us so much because you have gained weight, you have leaky boobs, and your just not as confident with yourself after such extreme changes. It is just a feeling you sometimes have and have to get used to. I just always tell Davian he wants me for my boobs and make it a joke.

But even though all of that happened  I would do it all over again. Breast feeding allows a bond with your baby you can’t explain. The love you share is there and you can feel it. Even though I had trouble in the beginning, he now latches with no problems. And those late night feedings and when your tired the love and content feelings are there when your cuddling your baby. That makes breastfeeding worthwhile and what gets overlooked sometimes. So with that said HAPPY FEEDING!!!!!!!