I never ever planned on being a stay at home mom, Never! I am just not a very domestic person! Don’t get me wrong, I love a clean house, clean laundry, and a good home cooked meal, and I love to be able to provide that to my fiancé but that’s what Sunday’s are for! So when I became pregnant at 24 in the middle of me finishing my masters degree I just knew I would be back to work soon after giving birth!

Know how people say “Tell God your plans, and he’ll laugh at you” (or something like that) well guess the joke was on me! Now almost 3 months later I am still a stay at home mom! I’ve probably only been out the house 15-20 times! Yup! That’s about once every 3 days! 

So as you can imagine it hasn’t been easy transitioning from someone people would describe as a over ambitious person to a person on house arrest with a 3 month old as my warden. 

Not to mention the lack of human interaction is driving up a wall! I used to a fast past lifestyle! Running from meeting to meeting, working with new diverse people and having intelligent conversations. 

So now having to be home , with house work to do and speaking in baby talk to a dog and my daughter is a major change! 

How I am coping ? I don’t know! My life has become Instagram Giveaways! They are awesome and I have won some pretty amazing things ! Things I would never have the strength to buy myself !! 

Also, I try to see the brighter side of things ! I get to wake up to a beautiful smile every morning! I know that all my daughters needs are being taken care of and I know she’s not being mistreated, I know she’s eating enough and not being left to cry. And her happiest is all that matters! 

But I need to get back to work because even thought I try really hard to appreciate these moments I think they would be even more valuable if I wasn’t feeling like a prisoner. 

Comment Below and let me know if any of you feel the same and how you are dealing with it.