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November 2016

My Top 6 must used Baby Apps!

Once you finally have your little one you will to download whole new set of apps.  Here are a couple that I recommend for you and your little one! WhaToExpect App! Best App EVER! Saved my life I learned so much... Continue Reading →


Netflix and Chill?… Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy Edition!!!

So one thing I can say about being pregnant besides food that I enjoyed was being able to watch TV and Netflix. I binged watched so many shows during the months that I didn't work and even now with working... Continue Reading →

Just Moo For Me One Time!

So if you don't know me and Teea both breast feed, a easy decision when trying to save money after looking at baby accessories prices and having a melt down in Babies "R" Us ( yes I did have a... Continue Reading →

She’s Calling the Services!!!! Did that catch your attention? This is the threat I face everyday! I knew when I moved home pregnant my family was going to go crazy over a new baby that was technically the first they get to see... Continue Reading →

SAHM at 24

I never ever planned on being a stay at home mom, Never! I am just not a very domestic person! Don't get me wrong, I love a clean house, clean laundry, and a good home cooked meal, and I love... Continue Reading →

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