Before I go any further shout out to all working mothers!! Especially mothers with more than one little person looking up to you!! I have to say when I started making plans for me and my baby, I did not know how hard it would really be. There are so many road blocks that you don’t anticipate. There are also so many questions you don’t think of. Two main problems I have are  finding work and then interview and beginning work.

  1. Finding work. This should be the easy part but it isn’t. You can’t apply too early because you will be pregnant and no one wants to hire a pregnant woman. Ever thought about how to hide your ever-growing middle so you don’t look pregnant? Not an easy thing to do . If you wait until you give birth like I did  you now have a newborn who needs attention constantly and doesn’t understand you need to work. Crying , pooping , breastfeeding ,doesn’t stop while you fill out an application and that makes it hard. I spend a lot of time with a baby on my chest as I fill out applications or even type this blog. But you develop the superpower of multi-tasking and boy does it come in handy.
  2. Interview/Working. The interview. That itself is stressful but with a baby it becomes even more challenging. First trying to  prepare for the interview is cut in half. Then there is the challenge of finding someone to watch your little love bug. That is the hardest because you are trusting someone with the one person you love most who can’t defend themselves. You hear and read and watch the videos of the horror stories of day cares or babysitters. Then child care prices are extreme. In the end you have to do what you are most comfortable with.

As for me I went back to work part-time. I am currently looking for childcare that is reasonable. I have a good support with family that help me but my mother is literally my rock. She watches him so I can work weekends. While I worry and think about Davian constantly  while I work , I know that he is safe and I am working to save for his future. But it is not always easy especially when I am looking for a job that is more in my major and plan to start school hopefully.I just take everything one day at a time!