Every first time mom has the same question… “What do I absolutely need to add to my registry?” And there are a thousand list/blog/ and you tube videos out there that will tell you 100 things that you absolutely will need, but really won’t. Here is a short and sweet list that saved my life these first couple months…..

  1. Nipple cream if you plan to breast-feed. Your nipples will crack  during the  first week .It’s inevitable. It’s going to happen, get yourself some good  nipple cream and  I recommend licensed because it’s nice and thick and it stays on but Medela brand is also good on those quick in between moments. 
  2.  I am a co-sleeper. Me and River have since day one, when  we would sleep in the hospital close. Co-sleeping has saved my life then and  now when sleeping lasted 2 1/2 hours  and now that  she sleeps through the night only waking up to feed at 3 AM. So if it’s for you and your exclusively breast-feeding definitely get yourself a good co-sleeper.
  3.  I also recommend Salin drops and Nose Frida! Yes you will need to suck up all the boggies! Call me gross but I  love  using the nose Frida on my little  one and she likes it.
  4. A swing ! My Little one like her fisher price cradled and swing !
  5. The 4 moms infant tub!!!! Genius!! I would have boiled my baby without it! 

These things saved my life for the first 3 months of my darling life. These are the things I used everyday! And will definitely continue to use !!