As most mothers know it’s incredibly hard to take everyone’s well given advice to “sleep when the baby sleeps” so while I was up at 5am scrolling through Facebook I am across a page of the friend who had just recently had a baby. This friend was hoping for the very thing every moms hopes for ….. The baby to sleep through the night! This is like the most requested thing as parents we want for our little ones!! And all family and friends like to do was give advice. Her comments were flooded with advice !! 

The advice was horrible (in my opinion) they advise her to force to baby to stay up during the day! This just lit me on fire!!! 

Why would anyone force such a thing on a little soul!!  And not only is it cruel, it’s plain bad advice!!! 


Babies(newborns) are suppose to sleep at least 18 hours a day !! It’s hard work being on the outside !! They finally have to start doing things on their own and taking on new skills  this can be exhausting ! 


Newborns are not suppose to sleep more than 4 hours at a time – this is because their sugar can get very low and they can become unresponsive !  Take it from a mama that this has happen too!! NOTHING FUN ABOUT IT! Scariest moment of my life! 


Sleep encourages more sleep!!! Ever sleep in on a Sunday !! I mean really sleep All day!! And expect to wake up refreshed, but only wake up more tried ???? Same thing for babies! The more they sleep the more they will sleep! 

And Fourth. 

Just because your baby sleep through the night doesn’t mean YOU will! Once my daughter started sleeping longer stretches I still woke up every 2-3 hours to check on her !! As mothers we are always going to worry about our children , even if they are sleeping peacefully within arms reach! 

I am NOT the expert, but I do have some recommendation if YOU want to get a more peaceful nights sleep (because there is just no way your sleeping through the night ever again) …. 

  1. Co-Sleep. It literally save our lives! No getting up to feed/change or smooth. She always in arms reach. Along with all her essentials, which quicken the time to do all these thing . Plus I usually wake up before she even knows why she’s fussing !! Now cosleeping isn’t for everyone but those who want to do it and can do it safely ( because co sleeping unsafe can cause a whole new set of emotional problems) should!! Here’s a great article on co-sleeping !!
  2. sttnWatch what you eat!! Sometimes what you eat can cause your little one to have gas which will keep them and you up all night!  So watch what you eat on the night your baby a little more fussy! You could find a common factor …. for us it was diary!! After I removed it from my diet is when River started sleeping “through the night”
  3. Go with the flow! I really considered Sleep Training but babies will set their own routine !! So I just followed it! And you should too ! If that means you have to be in bed at 10 when you’re usually a nigh owl.. start going to bed a 10. I pick up on River’s routine around 5 week.Babies recognized patterns! Not clocks! So just stick to your little one’s pattern and be accommodating. 
  4. Enjoy the moments in the whee night hours sitting in the dark that you have with your baby !! Nobody else in the whole gets to share in on those moments ( the un-Facebook worthy moments with drool running down your mouth and clothes going in different directions from trying to get your little one to nurse) Enjoy them cause they don’t last long!! 

Sweet Dreams…..